• Dan Snowden

A reflection of the first year of Adventure Walks

The festive period has given me time to reflect and recuperate after my first year on business!

Wow! what a year. My overwhelming feeling is relief that I made it work after leaving a comfortable analytical job - there were some uncertain weeks during the start when I was just hoping things would pick up - thankfully they did with word of mouth and a promotion push!

The other emotion is one of optimism and pride of what I have achieved. Ultimately it was what I knew first hand about what the vast majority of dogs need that drove the idea of adventure walks - it feels extra special when the business matches what is authentic to you.

My time off over Christmas has prompted me to organise, reflect and share my experiences on the first blog. Moving forward, these will be monthly.

Finally all there is to say is thankyou to anyone who has supported me, offered advice or recommended my services - It is much appreciated!

Follow more regular, daily updates of our daily adventures, get in touch with any questions or queries and enjoy some of the best photos from the last couple of months or so. Many thanks and I wish you all a very happy new year!


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